Lighting Designer - Travis Shirley

ESP Studios is a full service design resource provider delivering on-site solutions for design professionals looking for quality service, high-end computer technology, and the necessary technical expertise conducive to creativity. We deliver a complete package of services that aid in the design process. We enable design professionals the tools and on-site experts necessary to apply high-end computer technology to their craft in ways that can improve their overall productivity, allowing them to take on more projects per year.

3D Modeling

Taking a designer's sketch, drafting, or CAD drawing, and creating a scaled, full color, 3D model, using our extensive database of surfaces and textures. We are experts in several drafting programs, including 3D Studio Max.


Using the 3D model we created, we can insert lighting, video, and effects elements to create renderings from any angle in the model. Allowing a designer to see what every element of his or her design will look like from every seat in the house. The renderings are also an invaluable marketing and presentation tool. We can create Rendered stills, AVI's and even apply music and effects to present to your client.

Real-Time Simulation

Again, using the 3D Model, we can connect any lighting console to pre-viz software and run real-time simulation of the designer's project. Lighting Designers can program their entire show using one of our Mobile Units shipped to your location.

Our services are extremely helpful and cost-effective in logistical planning as well. Production teams can integrate all aspects of a project in a simulated real-time environment.

Simply put...

ESP Studios makes the event planning
and design process painless!!